Dear Miranda:
Thanks again for accommodating this on your schedule.
I think you are a fantastic editor: you are thorough, your questions make the writer step out of the safe zone of instinct and into the very real zone of logic, and you are enormously nurturing and supportive.  I’m a well-wisher of all you choose to do!

Radha Bharadwaj, award-winning screenwriter of Closet Land

Dear Miranda,
It’s easy to get it right when there’s a clear direction provided by an editor[…]so the credit must go to you! I know how difficult a job you guys have and appreciate all your efforts towards making this the best story it could possibly be. Thank you very much once again.

Devyani Borade, author, http://devyaniborade.blogspot.com


Thanks Miranda, it was a pleasure working with you. A lot of writers complain about working with editors but you were not bad at all. I honestly do like the final version we came up with.

Rey Santos, Heart in the City



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