Editing Services


If you have a short story not getting picked up, or if you’re preparing a story for contests or publication, I’d love to work with you.  I specialize in fiction, especially literary mainstream. I love editing and coaching, so my process is collaborative. When I can, I will include links to articles and other helpful sources. My fees cover a comprehensive edit of your short story, including advice on fiction techniques, content editing, stylistic editing and a final proofread. All editing is done onscreen using Microsoft Word Track Changes with comments, or on a separate page if needed. During the final proofread, I use The Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, as well as online resources, to correct typos, spelling, punctuation, and grammar, and make suggestions for word choice, sentence flow, and clarity. I’ll be available for questions and comments and some back and forth, so be prepared to work as well! Rates are $25  for the first 1,000 words, then $.008/word thereafter. A 5,000-word document will be $57. A 10,000-word document will be $97. The rates include two pass-throughs concentrating on developmental and line editing, then a final proofread.


Your work
– as an attachment in Microsoft Word,
– Times New Roman or similar font, 12-point,
– double-spaced, left-justified
– Indent each paragraph by using the MS Word paragraphing or formatting tools.

– a brief plot outline or synopsis: a few paragraphs to 1 page
– the genre
– total number of words in manuscript
– your target readership

Still an unfinished draft? No problem. Send me what you have. The above rates will still apply, but you’ll get a good start and be able to carry on with much of what you’ve learned.

All payments are made via paypal to miranda@koppeditingservices.com

I enjoy working with new writers and struggling writers, so it’s important that I keep my prices low.  If you are a student, or can’t afford these services, please contact me for a possible negotiation.


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