Coaching Services

If you find you’re stuck, a piece is constantly rejected, your grammar isn’t up to par, your characters seem flat, your plot is tangled or nonexistent, you can’t seem to stick to any writing schedule, or you want to explore more elements of craft one-on-one….consider a writing coach.

Nothing excites me more than sharing my passion for words, craft, and grammar with others. Each writer has individual needs, which we can explore with a free half-hour consultation personally or by phone. We’ll establish what you are looking for, and I’ll take the opportunity to share with you some additional topics I see useful to cover. I want you to create a motivated writing life, and I’ll help you overcome obstacles. But I also love to teach craft, and I believe grammar is an important tool. Topics we can cover:

Content: plot, characterization, setting, proper climax

Grammar: Yep. You’ve got to see the forest (your story) through the trees (your prose.) Don’t worry. It’s not as mundane as you think, but every professional should know the tools of their trade. And grammar helps readers navigate your story with ease.

Structure: Which words do you use to tell your story? How you place those words makes a difference. Do you ramp up the tension when you should? Break at the right moment? The choices we make with our words and where we put them is often critical.

Are your chapters where they belong? Do your scenes fall appropriately in the building of your conflict? These things matter, too.

Style: A writing voice can’t be taught….it’s developed through reading and writing daily. But a voice can be discovered hiding in your own writing. You have a unique voice, let’s enhance it, remaining true to who you are.

The Three Tenants of Writing: Show, Don’t tell; Make Every Word Count; Keep it Strong and Direct. We’ll explore what each of those mean.

To set up a free consultation, please query and feel free to send in up to twenty pages of your manuscript. If you’d like to work together, then choose the number of one-hour sessions you’d like. We can meet in person if you live in the Twin Cities area, or by phone. Payments are made by check or paypal.

$60 for one session
$110 for two sessions
$150 for three sessions
$180 for four sessions


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