Kopp Editing Services offers editing and one-on-one coaching, freelance writing, typing, and web content services.

If you’re stuck with a story or manuscript that isn’t getting picked up, I’d love to work with you. Consider a session of private coaching or a full manuscript edit. I’m devoted to the craft of storytelling, specializing in short stories and longer manuscripts. I especially welcome new and emerging writers. Together, we’ll move your characters and scenes off the page, add tension, untangle a plot or theme, find the right pace for your work, or tighten your prose.

I’ll also address point-of-view issues, highlight the “telling” where there should be “showing,”  consider character motivations, find any time sequence discrepancies, help develop setting, and search out any other issues that tend to go unnoticed in the business of crafting a story.

Then, using the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster Dictionary, I’ll comb through your manuscript and check for sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.

For a complete breakdown of services and rates, please see the services page.

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